Sunday, December 30, 2012

Punk band The Fight United

Punk rock and horror..What a fantastic combination!!I got the awesome opportunity to photograph local Vancouver punk band The Fight United recently.I do photography for people quite often and I usually wouldn't post about it on here.But what makes this different is the band members will be in an upcoming horror short I'm working on.How lucky am I?I'm very privileged to be able to work with stoked!Here's some links and pictures.I highly recommend you check out their music,it's totally awesome!!

Paul Tryl: Guitar/Vocals
Kenny Homeless: Bass/Vocals
Johnny Malatestinic: Guitar/Backing Vocals
Yoko: Drums/Backing Vocals






Sunday, December 9, 2012

Third times a charm...Horror and beer!

Third times a charm!I got to be a guest for my third time on The Electric Chair Podcast.So much fun Midnight Corey and me had talking about the movies The Changeling and Otis..And BEER..HAHAHA..I hope you enjoy it!!Have a listen!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

MovieCopia Podcast!

So the very cool folks over at MovieCopia Podcast have taken the time to give me,Nadine L'Esperance and Model Lucy Luxe, a sweet ass mentioning about THE UNKNOWN ALTER EGO !!Plus my other films too...That would be Jesse Bollinger and Iris-Dora Saravia.Iris came across my films from listening to The Electric Chair Podcast and we chatted on Twitter.Twitter works,folks!!.How flattering and cool is that!WOW!This is only their second episode but it's pretty cool from the parts that I have listened too..(Downloading for my morning commute) And the upcoming show they have is reviewing Warlock and Warlock 2.SWEET!I went through a major Julian Sands phase and totally love these films,yeah I'm a cheese head but you all should know that by now.So check them out and give them some love and feedback.THANKS for your support guys!!

MovieCopia Podcast! 


Twitter - @thejesseb83
Twitter - @stupid_hamster
Show email:

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Great things wrote about Blue Girl Productions

Hey!!So as you all know,I made a short demo film for an aspiring actress,Lucy Luxe.It's a 3 minute B & W film.I just wanted you all to see the lovely things people have taken the time to write about me,Nadine L'Esperance and Blue Girl Productions..AMAZING support out there..THANK YOU!!








Monday, November 26, 2012

The Unknown Alter Ego

Me and Jonezy Something did a Women in Horror Blood Drive video last February and Lucy Luxe was our hot nurse in it.Now Lucy contacted me to help her with a small film to showcase her acting ability.She is a model by trade and wanted to get into acting.She wrote a basic idea and I came up with how it would all come together.Our original location fell through but Tom Small of Tom's East Vin ( RAD name) allowed us to invade his warehouse which in fact made a better location.Lucy wanted Black and White,so this is my first time working with B&W..Not usually my favorite but it adds to my experience.It's not horror and it's mostly silent.So come have a 3 minute ride into............... THE UNKNOWN ALTER EGO....A girl fears her inner dark side.... Enjoy!!!Thanks to Ang,Dana and Tom!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Name change

Blue Girl Films will be changing to Blue Girl Productions.I've decided on this due to many a mix up with 'Blue films' hahaha...No I'm not a porno film company.Not a big change,it's still Blue Girl!!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ravenous Monster Halloween special

The wonderful Jason Thorson of Ravenous Monster Horror webzine wrote a great article called Celebrating Horror with The Horror Community.Jason says"Today, we continue our coverage of Halloween with more tales, traditions, and memories of our favorite holiday. This time our stories come from some of the many talented filmmakers, authors, actors, and entertainers we've covered over the years. This is Halloween gold, Horror Fans" So come have a read and thanks so much Jason for including me!!!HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!!!Follow the blue link ;)







Saturday, October 27, 2012

Madame Soleil's Tea Party Bloopers

I made a 30 second blooper video of Madame Soleil's Tea Party.I love bloopers in movies,thought you all might enjoy them too.Marie-Claire didn't have any bloopers,so none with her,just her pretending to slice the Milkman's throat and him shitting his pants..hahaha...kidding about the pants.You can also check out the Maya's Journal bloopers too..Really hilarious!




Monday, October 15, 2012

"Blue Girl Films-Movies That Bite"

Things always happen in three's to me all the time.In the past week I've had the ultimate pleasure to have an interview with Justin Hamelin from Mangled Matters,being a guest on The Electric Chair with Midnight Corey and now another interview up from Comic Book and Movie Reviews.I super appreciate the time people take to chat and write pieces like this.It means the world to me.I was pleasantly surprised to see "Ich Will" up there,the cast picture where me and Tadpole are BOTH wearing our Rammstein concert shirts and me at the con with The Orphan Killer.Also everyone I mentioned here are on my blog too,have a look!

I hope you like this interview!!

Comic Book and Movie Reviews 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Electric Chair podcast with Nadine L'Esperance

So I was fortunate enough to be a guest once again on the Electric Chair podcast with Midnight Corey AKA Corey Graham.We chit chat horror and also the movie White Zombie.I'm getting a bit better at this with less nerves,hahaha...I hope you all enjoy it and MAJOR thanks to Corey for having me on again.Such an honour!So click the link and have listen!I've also have a link from the previous time I was on the show.Sit back and have a listen!

 The Electric Chair:Foul Traffic in Dead Bodies Episode 025 

The Electric Chair: A Visceral Experience Episode 010

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Do-It-Yourself Horror!:An interview with Nadine L'esperance

JUSTIN HAMELIN from MANGLED MATTERS interviewed me and it was so much fun!!His website Cup of Stars has a whole bunch of awesome Women in Horror and I am lucky enough to be a part of it.BIG THANKS to Justin,you ROCK,dude!!xoxoxWell I hope you enjoy the interview! Do-It-Yourself Horror!:An interview with Nadine L'esperance

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Black Flag TV at Montreal Comiccon

AMAZING!!One of the many words I can call my weekend at the Montreal Comiccon!!I was working at the BLACK FLAG TV table with some of the nicest,coolest people ever!I flew in from Vancouver to Montreal for a week!I'm no blog expert or writer but here's a small look at the Black Flag TV table at the Con which attracted 32,000 visitors!!!Enjoy!

First I met Sv Bell owner/operator of Black Flag, he is also a horror director himself with CRAWLER being his latest feature.He brought me inside the con to the table where I got to meet Dany Dagenais yet another director who's film FRESH MEAT was also in the Montreal Horrorfest.I was lucky to be able to get to meet Deke Richards the star of CRAWLER and get his autograph too!None other than Adrian Garcia Bogliano hung out with us at the table for the day signing autographs for fans.Another horror director with many sick films under his belt.

After the first night we had dinner with director Syl Disjonk of Ethereal Chrysalis,which was also in the Horrorfest.This movie is one visual treat of awesome!!!Make up by Eric Thivierge and Remy Couture.A must see at a Festival near you.

More wicked people on my list that I was so honored to meet were Christian Viel,the creator/director of Heroes of The North.Haven't watched??Your totally missing out.Canadian superhero webseries...GO WATCH NOW!!At dinner he recommended the pepper beef.I took his advice,how could I not?(it was yums)

One of the hilarious highlights of the Con was when Tom Savini asked Dany to let Remy Couture know he was looking for him.High fives ensued after that.I managed to ask Mr. Savini to do a video for Black Flag and he did!!

There are many people I met in Montreal that my page would be huge!!There were also the girls from Black Flag, Lexa and Marie-Claude...Super sweeties!!Talented artist Justin Peele of Goreous Horrors Entertainment.Jean-Marc Douville of Happy Robot(J.M. Douville) Jordan St-Louis from L'Hotel 54 
to name a few.

So it was the world premiere of my short film Madame Soleil's Tea Party at the Montreal Horrorfest.Super exciting stuff.But due to a room mix up/program screw up, I missed half of my premiere..Boo-urns to that.Disappointed but never discouraged.My whole Comiccon experience will be remembered as one of the best things in my life.I am now a promotions assistant at Black Flag TV!!You can watch my short if you missed it.It's a good bloody laugh.

Now for the last bit.I've heard of The Orphan Killer quite a bit even before I knew they would be at the Comiccon.To my delight they were situated across from our table!!How rad is that?? Matt Farnsworth Diane Foster and TOK let us get a few pictures with them.They also did a Black Flag promo video,great people,right?

Now check this pretty gem out!!Thanks so much Matt for allowing me to put this up.You can watch The Orphan Killer for a mere $2..Seriously,not joking!!It has a super high def version you can watch and it's crystal clear.The audio is good too.How could you not watch and love a slasher flick that has been banned in Germany?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Madame in Montreal Horrorfest

So much great news this week!First both my shorts are Official Selections in the Killer Film Fest..I mean,WOW,mega rad news.Now I am so excited to be a part of the Montreal Horrorfest for Madame Soleil's Tea Party!!!I have been so lucky and am so honored to be a part of these amazing festivals.Congratulations also go to my cast 

Marie Claire Valiquette.................................Madame Soleil
Patrice L'Esperance....................................The Milkman
Justin Robinson...........................................The Paperboy
Nyka 'Tadpole' L'Esperance.......................The Girl Scout
Siobhan Quinn..............................................Marie Soleil

And my crew

Cat Ashbee and Helen Luksova 

I couldn't have achieved this without you all!!!THANK YOU!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Maya and Madame's new Laurels!!!

I'm happy to announce that BOTH Maya's Journal and Madame Soleil's Tea Party have brand new Laurels for the KILLER FILM FEST !!!This was a complete surprise for me and it's absolutely unreal!!My cast in both did such good jobs and had to go through messy,sweaty sticky make-up..ALSO the painstakingly task of putting contacts in their eyes..Done by me!!So congrats to them too!GOOD job everyone!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A GREAT promo from A Horror-fying Blog

It seems every time I come home I get some kind of wonderful news..This was posted to my lovely surprise by the awesome John Ginder, a continuous supporter and friend.On his website he has posted both my short horror films and gives his opinion of them.I'm again so grateful to have people spread the word about my shorts it helps a small Indie out SO MUCH!!THANK YOU JOHN!!! Click the link to the WEB PAGE

                          A HORROR-FYING BLOG


Monday, July 30, 2012

Maya's Journal on Horror Society

As I have mentioned before,trying to get exposure for my shorts is a lot of work and very hard.Thanks to websites like HORROR SOCIETY I can get that extra boost of help.As of tonight Maya's Journal is listed in there data base of indie movies...YEAH!!This adds to the news of Maya's Journal going to Montreal in August!Check out the link!! Maya's Journal on IHMD 
Here's the link to watch  MAYA'S JOURNAL

 Here's some Maya's Journal stills for you to enjoy!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Madame Soleil's Tea Party gets a video review

This is too cool!!!Madame Soleil's Tea Party gets a video review on Happywax's Video Vault!!!You may know Happywax from Doomgoryums Horror Emporium which I got a written review AND a cool video review for Maya's Journal.There is also some other rad stuff in this video,like Superman trailer,stuff in my house(Laughing my ass off)and the intro to Madame is totally hilarious and cute as hell.PLUS a clip from one of my favorite movies.The Thing!!Go Kurt!!..Sit back,relax and enjoy the vid!!!!*update*Just realized the total FRENCH version movie is up here's a link to the subtitled one Madame Soleil's Tea Party

Madame Soleil's Tea Party on Happywax's Video Vault

Doomgoryums Horror Emporium

Twitter Happywax

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Madame Soleil's Tea Party on Horror Society

Madame Soleil's Tea Party is now listed on the IHMD on Horror Society website.Trying to get exposure when your just starting out is very hard.But I am lucky enough to have some great supporters and fans out there.Eternally grateful!This short horror film is about an old lady who wants a tea party to last FOREVER.Filmed in French with English subtitles..I hope you enjoy it!!The link to watch it is at the bottom of the cast pictures!

                                                  WATCH IT HERE ON THIS LINK!!!

                                  MADAME SOLEIL'S TEA PARTY