Monday, April 25, 2016

*Update* Out of My Skin

As some of you know I completed my latest film,micro short Out of my Skin.It was finished February 1/2016 with a 2:43 minute run time.I had this idea come to me while sitting in the dark outside drinking beer and having a cigarette.I never expected it to catch on so quickly right away.
"This new micro short by underground horror filmmaker Nadine L'Esperance sees a young mother going to horrifying (and darkly humorous) extremes in her quest for a little leisure time before here screaming kids and deadbeat husband literally make her crawl out of her skin."

It had its first screening at Vancouver Bad Ass Festival February 21st.They managed to squeeze me in which was totally awesome!Thanks to Festival Directors David Aboussafy and Marc Boily.
On February 28th it screened in Scotland at the wonderful Jennifer's Bodies Festival run by Festival Director Jennifer Cooper.Thank you! I was pretty stoked to have this happen within the same month of its completion.

The most recent one I attended was Northwest Horror Show in Vancouver,BC.Excellent event which I wish I could have stayed all weekend but hotel costs.Thanks to Festival Director Shane Burzynski for being awesome! I had almost my entire cast and crew there!

Over the last couple of months it has been accepted to many upcoming festivals,which I can't be more pleased of.World Horror Con  Seattle Crypticon  Sick 'N' Wrong Film Festival  PDXtreme Festival Cinemafantasique 2 and last but not least Shock Stock I'm super excited to say that including myself two others from my crew,Trevor "Spud" Hagen and Deb Graf of Graffenstyne Design's, will be travelling out to London,Ontario May 26th-30th for this event of mayhem and greasiness that is Shock Stock!

I have been so fortunate to always have the best people work with me on my films.I can't possible thank them enough for their hard work and time.I love you all! xoxo.
So this concludes my long winded update as to where the new film is at.

Thanks to my cast and crew.
Rina Kapusta:Mom
Mike "ShreddZ" Schramek:Dad
Morgan Puchala:Kid #1
Presley Puchala:Kid #2
Teodor Kapusta:Kid #3
Trevor "Spud" Hagen:Directory of Photography
Deb Graf of Graffenstyne Design's: Head SPFX Artist
Candice Harvey: Assistant Make up Artist
Vince D'Amato:Editor
Location provided by Deborah in the heart of East Van

You are all my rock stars!