Sunday, March 26, 2017

Out of My Skin is online.

My micro short film has just finished its Film Festival run and it was a good one at that...So what does that mean? It is now available to watch publicly! It's a two and a half minute film of what every Mother feels,it can also be anyone really, when after a stressful day they just want time alone to take off their outer layer and relax with a drink.

As always I had the best fucking cast and crew.Also thank you to all the Festivals who screened us and the great reviews we got.You all ROCK! Thanks for the amazing support!

Click on the link at the end to watch

Written and Directed by Nadine L'Esperance

Rina Kapusta:Mom
Mike "ShreddZ" Schramek:Dad
Morgan Puchala:Kid #1
Presley Puchala:Kid #2
Teodor Kapusta:Kid #3
Trevor "Spud" Hagen:Director of Photography
Deb Graf of Graffenstyne Design's: Head SPFX Artist
Candice Harvey: Assistant Make up Artist
Vince D'Amato:Editor
Location provided by Deborah in the heart of East Van