Saturday, September 19, 2015

Drown Me in Silence

So things have happened weird and 3 Days of Purgatory is on the back burner for a bit.I wrote a new film under Blue Girl Productions in the long silence and have cast and crewed it.Ready to shoot the end on November.It is a micro short but powerful in how being a Mother is frustrating, lonely and helpless at times.

It's called Drown Me in Silence.

I have cast Rina Di Palma Kapusta,who's a Mother of 3, a Bikini Body Builder and Personal Trainer.She will be playing the lead Mother and Wife.

I have also cast Mike Schramek "SHREDDZ" Professional Wrestler of the ECCW
as the Husband

Deb Graf is on board again as the BEST SPFX person EVER and Trevor "SPUD" Hagen is the Cameraman.I wrote this and will be producing and directing.I'm very proud of this one as a non comedy like I do.HA!I will have more news as to editor and more producers soon.I just couldn't hide this one for too long..YEEEAAAH!!