Thursday, August 28, 2014

Finally a new blog update

Me,Mitch Davis from Fantasia,Samantha Mack and Tadpole

I haven't posted a blog update in quite awhile.A lot has happened over the summer including a kick ass trip to Montreal for Mascara & Popcorn Film Festival with two of my stars Samantha Mack and Nyka 'Tadpole' L'Esperance.

Tadpole,Rico the zombie AKA Zombieboy and Samantha


 My short film NO PETS ALLOWED has received some positive and gross out reactions which is totally awesome!I thank all my cast/crew/musicians and artists for all this.Heard someone gagged over my film at Little Nightmares Canadian Horror Film Festival!Presently I am a co-producer on Matt Frame's film CAMP DEATH III.I am also working on my own new short GRANNY FUCKERS with Co-writer Trevor 'Spud' Hagen,my first collaboration film.We begin filming next week.STOKED.I will be on 2 different podcasts in September..Keep your ears peeled.Last but not least I will be going to San Diego in October for FANtastic Horror Film Festival extra stoked on that too!! I'm so grateful for ALL the people in my life.They have been so awesome!Love all the new friends I've been meeting too.Bye for now!

I'll leave all the review links below and you can all check them out.

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