Saturday, June 30, 2012

Both my horror shorts featured on Promote Horror

I am always very happy and grateful when people help promote my shorts.It's hard to spread your works with limited audiences and especially when your just starting out.Thank you SOO much Promote Horror!!I love you!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Me and Tadpole L'Esperance on A Horror-fying Blog Podcast

I had an AWESOME talk with John Ginder from A Horror-fying Blog on his podcast.Such a chill guy!I had a great has a few chops in it but..HEY still fun!!Come here me laugh my ass off at times :)
Podcast with John Ginder A Horror-fying Blog

Indie Horror News posts about Madame Soleil's Tea Party

What a great website!!I love it!They have been super supportive :D THANKS!!
Indie Horror News

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nadine and Tadpole L'Esperance talk with John Ginder

Hello awesome people.Myself and the lil' girl Nyka 'Tadpole' L'Esperance, from Maya's Journal,you know,the one who kills the zombies??And the one who plays the Girl Scout in Madame Soleil's Tea Party??Well we were fortunate enough to be asked on another podcast!!This time with John Ginder!!Such a great guy and mega fan of Indie Horror.I'll link his website below AND if you haven't seen Maya's Journal OR Madame Soleil's Tea Party..WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?Hahaha..I'm kidding,but if you watch them then you will understand what me,Tadpole and John will be referring to ;)Broadcast date TBA...SOON!



A Horror-fying Blog-Lost in the 80's

Friday, June 15, 2012

Terror Troop gives my new short a mention!

The Terror Troop on Horror Palace gave an amazing shout out to my new film and to me.It totally rocked!!Thank you so much!!
Come take a listen!Great show about bug movies and 70's bush..HAHAHA.Worth your time for sure!
Terror Troop