Sunday, January 12, 2014

Blog update after a long hiatus

Happy 2014 everyone!!

I haven't had a blog update in quite sometime.2013 was one hell of a year.I had an equal part of great times meeting new friends and great experiences as well as a couple personal losses which resulted in me taking time off my new film No Pets Allowed.Now it's a new year and No Pets is ready to be released very soon.I'm very grateful for all your patience and support.
Here's a few things that happened this year so far.I had a most wonderfully RAD time on Terror Troop Podcast as well as getting geared up for Mascara & Popcorns Body Horror Contest in Montreal which No Pets will be a part of AND I will be attending.Pretty fucking excited about this!!More news will come out when No Pets is out.Thanks for hanging in there!!Links below to the podcast with me plus a very cool Promo video made by Festival Director Florence Touliatos!!