Thursday, May 14, 2015

No Pets Allowed has submitted to its last festival.

My short body horror film No Pets Allowed has just hit its last festival submission.While I could definitely apply to more I feel the need to retire it and focus on our new horror film 3 Days Of Purgatory.It has had one hell of a run which was very highly unexpected with rave reviews and a bad review which was totally awesome because he stated it was like a John Waters film.I was also honored with receiving 4 awards for the film over the last year it's been out on the circuit.One of the best things is making new filmmaker friends and attending festivals in different cities.I love following my dreams!! No Pets Allowed will be made public in November 2015. With Granny Fuckers submitted to a few festivals,I will not be promoting this one as much as it was really only made for a contest...I must say though it has had great reviews and reactions to which I'm totally thrilled as is was a debut collaboration between me and Trevor " SPUD" Hagen under Smashed N Gravy Films.We are in the works of our new horror 3 Days Of Purgatory.To all the Festivals that played No Pets Allowed,the bloggers,reviewers and my filmmaking community,the support over the last year...It's amazing!!THANK YOU!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Hilarious Video reaction to Granny Fuckers

I made a post the other day making a deal.I would send a link and password to people who had not seen Granny Fuckers yet and in return I would get a video reaction from them.Well I got my first one from Writer/ Director MATT FRAME of Camp Death III: The Final Summer.His reaction is totally hilarious!He was also rad enough to edit it so it's just reactions.I'm stoked he mentioned I created a new kind of genre...HAHAHA!! ENJOY!!