Monday, November 26, 2012

The Unknown Alter Ego

Me and Jonezy Something did a Women in Horror Blood Drive video last February and Lucy Luxe was our hot nurse in it.Now Lucy contacted me to help her with a small film to showcase her acting ability.She is a model by trade and wanted to get into acting.She wrote a basic idea and I came up with how it would all come together.Our original location fell through but Tom Small of Tom's East Vin ( RAD name) allowed us to invade his warehouse which in fact made a better location.Lucy wanted Black and White,so this is my first time working with B&W..Not usually my favorite but it adds to my experience.It's not horror and it's mostly silent.So come have a 3 minute ride into............... THE UNKNOWN ALTER EGO....A girl fears her inner dark side.... Enjoy!!!Thanks to Ang,Dana and Tom!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Name change

Blue Girl Films will be changing to Blue Girl Productions.I've decided on this due to many a mix up with 'Blue films' hahaha...No I'm not a porno film company.Not a big change,it's still Blue Girl!!!