Friday, May 24, 2013

No Pets Allowed Teaser OUT!!

My teaser trailer for No Pets Allowed is out now!! has it up on there web page as does Fake Flesh Film Fest!!Within a day No Pets Allowed was picked up by this amazing 10 cities 10 days horror festival which is absolutely AMAZING!!



Fake Flesh Film Fest 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Logo

Blue Girl Productions gets a brand new logo design.I commissioned Justin Peele from Gorgeous Horrors Entertainment and he did one hell of a job!!I met Justin at the Montreal Comiccon and loved his art style.Reminds me of Vampire Hunter D ..SO COOL!!..Because ,hey who knows if my hair will be Blue forever ;)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Midnight Corey,Nadine L'Esperance and Samantha Mack

So this episode of The Electric Chair show I'm a guest with my star of No Pets Allowed,Samantha Mack!This will mark my 4th time on the show but my first time doing video.Corey spills his beer at a really great moment and we talk filming No Pets Allowed,The Fight United,inappropriate stories and my SPFX Artist Deb Graf.Join us for a watch OR listen as you can also download it from iTunes,take all three of us on the go!WooHoo!And don't forget to check out everybody who is involved in the film!Links on the shows page,lots of goodies!Thank a whole bunch for having us on Corey,you totally rock dude!!

The Electric Chair show 


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DIY Horror,Porn and Teriyaki Motorboats

So I had the pleasure of being on The Geek Supremacy Project podcast with Gregory Hall.As soon as I see the word geek?I'm down.This podcast was a first bringing a cast member on,thank you Samantha Mack, and I can tell you it was the perfect idea!!I've done podcasts before and with more people it's way too much awesome fun!!We talk DIY filmmaking,horror,producing porn,whips and chains,Daddy issues and many laughs!Watch out for upcoming podcasts with me and Samantha this month including John Ginder and Corey Graham.I love these dudes!!


 Gregory Hall

MrGreg Futuristic (YouTube) 


Saturday, May 4, 2013

The awesome people in No Pets Allowed

Filming No Pets Allowed has been a super fun,if not an exhausting ride.Working with such talented,cool people has been absolutely amazing.A true honor and pleasure.I can't thank them enough for giving me their time and energy in this film.They ROCK! 

Here's the Promote Horror link about my film too. 


Here's a bit about who's in my horror short or who is involved somehow.


Samantha play Rebecca, the lead female actor.Here's a bit about her if you actually don't know who this wonderful person is.She's a smart,sharp witted person who is an absolute gem to work with...Here's what her website says....

" "I've been raising eyebrows since 1983.
I'm not what you'd expect from the girl next door.
I'm a black sheep, a rebel... and proud of it!
I didn't get anywhere being good little girl
worrying about my reputation now did I?!?"

Samantha Mack is known as one of Vancouver’s finest entertainers, internet sensations, radio personalities, philanthropists, emcees, spokes models and of course living close to Whistler BC the queen of the snowboard!! You can find Samantha at all of the biggest, bestest, and brightest events that BC has to offer!!

7 years ago Samantha moved to Vancouver and quickly went from Lifeguard to Showgirl. She's traveled all over western Canada and placed 4th in Miss Nude BC 2009. Her dynamic shows quickly took her out of the strip clubs and into theatres, Night Clubs, Gay Bars, Private Events, Dinner Theatres, Fetish Clubs, Conventions and Expos. Her largest audience was for Aprox 5000 people where she performed a Jekyl and Hyde theme show with a shadow wall, a trapeze style bondage show and fire.

Soon after taking to the stage, she found herself holding the microphone. Her quick wit and pure sass had audiences loving everything that came out of her mouth.

You can frequently hear her on  CiTR Radio and see her featured on The Ryan Steele Show, Josh Rimer's Comedy videos, OutTV episodes and various Music Videos. If you’re looking for her, you can spot her at the Taboo Sex Expo in Vancouver and the Naughty But Nice Show in the Fraser Valley, the Tattoo convention, singing at the Rinestone Stiletto Show, dancing, and breathing fire at the Exotic Circus, Hosting parties at Winter Pride and the World Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler, hosting, performing and DJing at Kitty Nights Burlesque, The Penthouse Grand RE Opening, and making jokes with Patrick Maliha on the XXX Comedy Show, and Co-hosting the first ever Adult Virtual Entertainment Award Show!! She's also one of the cordinators of the 3rd annual GwarBQ, Dancers 4 Cancer and The Canadian Adult Entertainment Awards.
She is one of the biggest and most dynamic personalities that you will see and not one to be missed!!

A dream is suppose to be impractical.
A practical dream is oxymoron.



Paul Tryl

Paul plays himself.He's my leading male actor.He's the lead singer,guitarist and songwriter of Vancouver punk band The Fight United.Paul has previous acting experience in film and television.He was also in a Burger King campaign called Coq Roq.He's also an artist and has a really strong presence as an actor,but in real life is a total sweetheart.

Coq Roq video Bob Your Head 


Kenny Homeless

 Kenny Homeless is the bass guitarist,songwriter and vocals for The Fight United.Kenny plays himself with a small speaking role.Another talented person to work with.


Johnny Change

  Johnny Change is guitarist,songwriter and back up vocals for The Fight United.Sweet quiet guy.



 Yoko is the drummer,songwriter and vocals for The Fight United.Watching him play drums is damn awesome.He was also in the Burger King campaign with Paul.He rocks,just like Animal.

Burns The Dragon

Burns plays an extremely vital role in my film.He was a pleasure to work with and his funny sense of humor will not be forgotten.His website reads,

" Burns The Dragon is THE shock artist in Vancouver. From juggling balls of fire lit with gasoline to doing ungodly feats to his face, this is not a show to miss. Whether he’s performing with Burns One Down Productions, Bloody Betty or at your private event, every second will leave you mesmerized

 Lanny C. Brown

 Lanny,like Burns,has a vital role.He actually is a favorite of mine in the film.Lanny works with Burns as a make-up artist for Burn One Down Productions,his make-up is super rad!.He's a very fun,hilarious person to work with.

 Siobhan Quinn 

  Siobhan is a multi talented person.She has a small speaking role in the film.She was the stage assistant for Miss.Gory Rae's horror nights at the Rio Theatre.She also played "Marie Soleil" in my other horror short.I am pleased to be working with such an awesome person again.


Nyka "Tadpole" L'Esperance

 Tadpole will be playing the younger version of Samantha's character,Rebecca.She is no stranger to acting.She is the zombie killer in my first short and a victim in my second one.She has assisted me in all my movies as either boom microphone or photographer.She rocks at skateboarding too.

  Deb Graf

 Deb is the owner/head sculptor/FX designer at Graffenstyne Design's.She is also part of the Blue Girl Productions team.She has done make-up for film,television and music video's.Deb has been a part of the infamous Bloody Betty troupe for 2 1/2 years now.With 15 years experience under her belt she is also one kick-ass tattoo artist.All but one of my tattoos are from her.

Graffenstyne Design's
Deb Graf IMDB

Bloody Betty 

James Kuczmarski

 James will be doing the background music and effects for the film and he was a beer drinking extra.He's the genius behind DarKsLide.He did the music for Maya's Journal and it will be so cool to work with him again. 


Dza Crakk (Dan)

Dan will be doing the poster art for the film.He is a tattoo artist at Sink The Ink owned by Bryn Mackworth and is ridiculously talented.I'm stoked he's doing the art.He also has a small non speaking role.

And let's not forget my lovely extras...

From left to right

Sarah,Lora,Colin,Jenocyde and Jonny Bones

I love you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart.Stay awesome!!