Monday, May 13, 2013

Midnight Corey,Nadine L'Esperance and Samantha Mack

So this episode of The Electric Chair show I'm a guest with my star of No Pets Allowed,Samantha Mack!This will mark my 4th time on the show but my first time doing video.Corey spills his beer at a really great moment and we talk filming No Pets Allowed,The Fight United,inappropriate stories and my SPFX Artist Deb Graf.Join us for a watch OR listen as you can also download it from iTunes,take all three of us on the go!WooHoo!And don't forget to check out everybody who is involved in the film!Links on the shows page,lots of goodies!Thank a whole bunch for having us on Corey,you totally rock dude!!

The Electric Chair show 


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