Thursday, December 6, 2012

MovieCopia Podcast!

So the very cool folks over at MovieCopia Podcast have taken the time to give me,Nadine L'Esperance and Model Lucy Luxe, a sweet ass mentioning about THE UNKNOWN ALTER EGO !!Plus my other films too...That would be Jesse Bollinger and Iris-Dora Saravia.Iris came across my films from listening to The Electric Chair Podcast and we chatted on Twitter.Twitter works,folks!!.How flattering and cool is that!WOW!This is only their second episode but it's pretty cool from the parts that I have listened too..(Downloading for my morning commute) And the upcoming show they have is reviewing Warlock and Warlock 2.SWEET!I went through a major Julian Sands phase and totally love these films,yeah I'm a cheese head but you all should know that by now.So check them out and give them some love and feedback.THANKS for your support guys!!

MovieCopia Podcast! 


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