Wednesday, June 5, 2013

No Pets Allowed Trailer

 So the real trailer for No Pets Allowed is up!Being a short film not too much can be shown but it definitely will have you wanting to see the whole thing.So I hope you all like the one minute trailer of  No Pets Allowed short film...It's only on Vimeo for now but will be on YouTube soon!!*Update* on YouTube!!! 


As a young child Rebecca was traumatized by her Father's cruel way of dealing with the animals she brought home. As an adult she still has a great love for animals but the pets she has are quite unusual.

Written and Directed by Nadine L'Esperance of Blue Girl Productions
Samantha Mack and Paul Tryl

SPFX by Deb Graf of Graffenstyne's Designs
Music by DarKsLide and The Fight United

Supporting Cast
Nyka "Tadpole" L'Esperance
Burns The Dragon
Lanny C. Brown
Siobhan Quinn

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