Friday, April 19, 2013

Memorial show for Caleb Henyu-crowchild

7 days ago today my good friend Caleb passed away.It was a bittersweet weekend as I had just arrived in the Okanagan with my cast and crew for filming when I got the phone call nobody wants.As much as I wanted to give up and go back to Vancouver,I found the strength to carry on.Caleb would have bitched at me if I didn't continue.He was a great supporter of what I was doing.He was an amazing person beyond words and most of all a loving single Dad to 2 little girls,who now unfortunately are pretty much orphans.It was just 2 weeks ago we were having a blast together at Playdome with the kids going on rides.My camera battery died and I didn't get the hilarious pictures that ensued of Caleb going on some rides.Many thanks to Caleb's bestest friend in the world,Helen, the girls will be housed and cared for by her.She has been there all their lives and is pretty much a Mother to them anyway.There will be a memorial show on May 6th for Caleb at Funky Winkerbeans with The Fight United..(YES the ones in my film) and the Dayglo Abortions.I got word tonight that The Fight United will donate a portion of t-shirt sales to help raise Caleb's little girls..How fucking wicked is that?They kick ass! NO PETS ALLOWED will be in his honour,I posted the links to the website that is dedicated to donating to help Caleb's daughters' guardian raise them and the show link!I'm behind this 100%! I love you Caleb!!Rest In Peace...(with Slayer playing in the background of course)



Caleb and Sapphire..BEST DAD EVER!!

Me and Caleb before last years Dayglo Abortions show


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  1. So awesome!!! This is going to be a wicked show! Caleb was an amazing friend, brother, and most of all father. Thanks for setting this up in his honor Nadine!