Sunday, January 27, 2013

People in my upcoming film.

So as some of you know I'm in pre production of a new horror short.This one is quite a bit of work but is SO going to be worth it.I decided to let you know who will have speaking roles in my film and who the lead female character is.That being said the title,synopsis and pictures will be released by at a later date.I'm extremely happy and proud to show you my 3 speaking characters.A special treat I love is the custom made song for the film called 'REBECCA'  by of course The Fight United.I also have links to Samantha and The Fight United.Credit for Samantha's photo to Jonny Ray Studio.

Samantha Mack Website 
Samantha Mack Twitter
 The Fight United 
 Jonny Ray Studio on Facebook 


                         SAMANTHA MACK
                             PAUL TRYL

                               KEN FIRMAN 


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