Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Smashed N Gravy Films makes its Comedy Body Horror debut

Today I finished editing the film Granny Fuckers I was working on with Trevor Hagen aka SPUD from the Dayglo Abortions.We concocted this hilarious,gross idea while on BC Ferries on our way from docking to the bus stop..So literally a 10 minute discussion turned to a hilarious trashy film.While it is a big switch over from my usual Blue Girl Production stuff doing comedy trash was a total blast.As usual I used people I know.Deb Graf,who did the award winning make-up for No Pets Allowed, did the SPFX as well as acted as Granny Fucker #3.Gerrid Jonathon,her partner in crime,played Granny Fucker #2 and helped around on set.He also played the alley victim in No Pets Allowed.Aaron Foster,bassist from Legion of Goons,played Granny Fucker #1.His band is popular in the local punk scene here in Vancouver.I seem to always use musicians for actors..HAHA!And the co-creator of Granny Fuckers SPUD from the Dayglo Abortions,who plays Granny herself!!He's so fucking funny and makes the ugliest Granny ever.These are the stars but I certainly can't forget to credit the awesome Samantha Mack who plays the ditsy news reporter at the end.She's so hilarious and fun!I must say I know the coolest most bad ass talented people.I'm stoked they are in my life.You guys ROCK!!THANK YOU!



We made this specifically for the Body Horror in Montreal in which me and Deb will be attending and her competing as a make-up artist..I will be the model!! I won't be applying to many festivals for this one just because it's so trashy that I'll just be wasting my money on submission fees.HAHAHA! Overall,this was an awesome collaboration between the two of us under SMASHED N GRAVY FILMS and I thought I'd never do comedy trash but it's always great trying new things with awesome people! If anybody wants to review it please feel free to send me a message at ENJOY the Trailer and some pictures.I also included a link to our very first write up about it with Behind The Scenes.



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