Monday, February 25, 2013

Madame Soleil's Tea Party screening

Sunday Feb 24th was fun watching Madame Soleil's Tea Party on the big screen at CanadaDrome 2.I saw it on the big screen at it's world premiere at the Montreal Horrorfest and I can say it's so neat to watch and hear peoples reactions.The other movies were fantastic.The short film JACK was so awesome!!And then there was The Hard Cut Double Feature which was really,really cool,got to see Rob Carpenter get multiple beatings..hahaha...And I was very pleased to have Siobhan Quinn, who played the crazy Granddaughter in Madame,Patrice L'Esperance,who played the Milk Man, in attendance as well as Jennifer Campbell the director of HIKE.It was really amazing to be part of such a cool event.This video is just a few small clips from the screening :D Thanks to Vince D'Amato!!
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