Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shout out to Black Flag TV

As some of you know.Sv Bell,owner and producer,at Black Flag TV gave my first short,MAYA'S JOURNAL a home on his online TV station Black Flag TV.This happened only a month after Maya was made public.He has given me constant support and I even have a small promotional short play on Black Flag.His station offers SO much to us smaller Indie's out there trying to promote their films.My newer short MADAME SOLEIL'S TEA PARTY also has time slots airing too.SO HAPPY!!..I cannot express the gratitude for what he's done.Though I DID get a Black Flag tattoo to remember this forever(like I'd forget)..hehe..

*UPDATE*A cool new bumper(a clip like station identification) was made recently of me getting the Black Flag Pictures tattoo!!Have a look,it's pretty cool!!



                                          BLACK FLAG TV

                                   BLACK FLAG ON FACEBOOK 

My tattoo

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